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Our plants

This project was born with a well-defined purpose, the supply of the best cuttings on the market at the cheapest price possible. Our selection guarantees 3 years of experience in the market.

Wholesale CBD plants provides only natural cuttings, 100% Made in Italy, suitable for almost all terrains!

Our small plants are grown like children giving only natural ingredients.

Our Seeds

Wholesale CBD plants has created a true selection of the best light hemp seeds on the market.

We have more than 12 different types of seeds available.

Our seeds are divided into auto-flowering and photoperiodic. Auto-flowering seeds are recommended for continuous cycles since they are ready in only 2 months.

The photoperiodic ones for massive production and with a blooming time of 6 months.

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  • Quick and precise shipping
  • Quality products
  • Competitive prices
  • Assistance and personal solutions

Buy our Cuttings Wholesale!

Our cuttings are mainly supplied to growers in the Italian hemp supply chain. Our priority is to provide a product of undisputed quality in order to make the work of our grower friends as easy as possible.

Wholesale Seeds

The seeds are supplied in packaging that guarantees the functionality of them. Some of our seeds are exclusive to The Wolf of Cbd. Including Purple Haze, one of the most requested buds in the national and European market.


Our primary purpose is the supply of the best varieties of cuttings at the best price. All this is possible thanks to the production of large batches for each type of legal hemp. In this way, we are able to offer the best cuttings at the most competitive price possible without having to reduce the quality of the product itself.



Each variety has been tested over the years, analyzed, and tasted in order to always guarantee the supply of suitable and premium quality cuttings and seeds. We select the highest percentage of CBD respecting the limits imposed by law regarding the active principle THC.



All of our cuttings are grown without the use of pesticides or fungicides to always provide a quality plant while respecting our core values.


100% LEGAL

All of the genetics that we sell come from plants that have been regularly tested in order to know the range of CBD content and meet the legal requirements for THC. In fact, each mother plant is tested with field equipment in order to always ensure a product within the limits imposed by the law.



For each order, we provide a delivery service specifically designed not to damage our small plants. Delivery is made directly to your facility and the day will be agreed upon directly with you.

We work every day in order to satisfy all the requests of our customers by finding solutions suitable for every need. For each structure, we propose the supply through different solutions. Find the solution that suits you and start with us your relationship with a trusted partner.

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